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Why Are People Against Heat Pumps?

Although heat pumps are becoming more popular by the day, installing a heat pump in your house might not be the best house heating solution for you. Because of the eco-friendly goals set by countries around the globe, heat pumps are replacing gas based boilers in every household, and are all set too eliminate gas boilers in the next decade or so. Government is also providing different areas with grants if homeowners are eligible for free or subsidized heat pump installations.

Because of the increased demand of heat pumps around the globe, the cost of installing a heat pump in your house has increased the significantly. That is why around 80% of all the households in the United Kingdom think that government should provide them with higher grants for heat pump installation.

In addition to checking out heat pump reviews before buying them, here are some points which might keep some homeowners from transitioning to heat pumps.

High Cost

When you compare installing a heat pump to our traditional heating system, the upfront cost comes out to be much higher. Depending on the type of heat pump you are looking for and the size of your house, you can be paying anywhere between £3000 to £35,000. This is a significant amount of money for any homeowner to spend to improve on an amenity they already have.

Slow Heating

Although heat pumps are very cost efficient, they are slower as compared to gas boilers and electric heaters when it comes to properly heating your house.

Your conventional HVAC system can heat up water up to 75° c with the help of its boiler. However, heat pumps can only heat up water up to 65° c.

These were some of the reasons why some people are against heat pumps.