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What is The Haunted House Where They Torture You?

Haunted house shows and events have been around for a while and as visual effects have taken over it has completely gone on to a different level, but there is no other haunted house in anywhere in the world which is as extreme as McKamey Manor, this is simply torture where the guests are bonded, thrown around and treated as prisoners, this is simply a nightmare and the producers of the show have even offered thousands of dollars for anyone who completes all the levels, if you are into extreme haunting and adventure then only you should think about going there otherwise go to any other decent haunted house because this is simply the most extreme one, even the most extreme haunted houses in Ohio don’t come to this experience.

For those who wish to attend the McKamey Manor would have to do through a physical test because this is a survival horror challenge which is different from just any haunted house experience, if you pass that then there is a background check and a phone screen then a forty page waiver and a drug test, yes you have read that right, you have to sign a 40 page waiver and a drug test as well, not only this but those willing to attempt are shown a two hour documentary on those who have previously attempted the challenge and only then the challenge begins which can last up to ten hours. The organizers class itself as an audience participation event in which everyone is tested differently, they claim that everyone is physically and mentally challenged to a point where they break eventually and fail to complete the full hours of the show, I have some interviews of people who have attempted it and it is surely a terrifying experience.