metal business cards for sublimation

What is a Good Thickness For Business Cards?

A good business card is one that will instantly catch someone’s attention, and even more importantly it would most likely hold their attention until they have scanned all of the data that is presented on said card at this current point in time. There are several things that you can do in order to make it so that your business cards will have the right impression on people, and while visual elements might seem most essential to you it is also important to factor in tactile sensation without a shadow of a doubt.

How your Metal Kards feel can often have just as strong of an impact as how they look, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you should try to come up with the ideal thickness for your business cards once you have designed them. The great thing about this is that thickness usually doesn’t impact the design to any extent at all, since the dimensions of the card would remain the same and it’s only its hand feel that would be altered in a significant enough manner.

We are of the opinion that a 14 point card thickness is most ideal for business cards in the modern day. They are thick enough to feel solid in the hand, and this also lends them a pretty reasonable amount of durability and sturdiness, but they won’t be so thick that they would feel like a wad of bills or paper. The lighter weight is another thing that makes this option so versatile, and suffice it to say that most business owners would do well to look into it all in all.