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How Much Can a Pressure Washing Business Make?

Any step that you are about to take which you feel would have a wider impact on your chosen manner of living needs to be weighed against its pros and cons. You need to take a look at the potential benefits of this step, and starting a business is such a huge thing to try to take part in that suffice it to say that you would not want to move an inch in the direction of getting into it without first taking stock of the income that it can start to bring into your own bank account without a shadow of a doubt.

Most businesses operate in a way that involves ebbs and flows in revenue, with a lot of Houston power washing companies agreeing that summer is when they earn the most. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you should try to realize that spending all of your money when the going is good during the summer would lead to a winter that is so lean that it would bankrupt your enterprise at this current point in time.

Still, the summer months will be so good that you will likely get at least three hundred hours of pressure washing in, and based on average hourly rates this should bring in somewhere in the region of a couple hundred thousand dollars. After paying your one or two employees, your business rent, insurance and various other expenses you will have just under half that amount for your own personal use, although you should invest at least some of it back into the business in order to make it grow in the future.