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Can You Teach Yoga With 200 Hour Certification?

Looking at things in terms of months or years is not all that effective of a way to understand the amount of work that you would actually have to put into it at this current point in time. A really pertinent example of this that we would like to discuss with you is that of Bachelor’s degrees. These degrees are often referred to as four year degrees, but the truth is that you would only be studying for about 36 weeks out of the year which means that it might be more accurate to call it a 3 year course based on the amount of time you’d be spending in class.

Another way to look at this is based on the number of hours that would go into it, with most things requiring forty hour weeks thereby making a Bachelor’s degree something that takes thousands of hours to do. Compare this to Marianne Wells RYT200 which only requires two hundred hours of your time and you can see why so many people are preferring yoga as a career path rather than doing some kind of boring white collar job that will leave them feeling like they are not making all that positive of a mark on the world around them.

200 hours may not seem like a lot, and you can complete this course in 5 weeks if you put 40 hours a week in as you would with a college degree, but suffice it to say that you would learn so much in those 200 hours that you would be able to teach yoga instantly! That’s because of how efficient they have made their teaching practices.